Integrated Login for database

  • 7 January 2022
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Hi Team,

In Ataccama IDE, while connecting to database we need to provide connection string. Also, username and password. In other tools like SQL server, we can use windows authentication to login so no need to enter username and password.

Could you please help me how we can achieve the same integrated login for database connection.


1 reply


Hello Akash,

You can also use Windows Authentication for MSSQL inside of the Ataccama IDE. But you will still need to provide the windows username and password for your user. How that works depends on the OS of your IDE. 

  •  For Windows, you have to first paste the auth.dll from [Build]runtime\lib\jdbc\mssql\auth to [Build]/jre/bin. Then, in the IDE type in the standard jdbc string, but with ;integratedsecurity=true parameter in the end. In Username you provide your windows username like you do in SQL server, in password you type your windows password;
  • For Linux it is more complicated as Linux cannot use Windows authentication out of the box. You would need to configure kerberos authentication on your Linux server. This is not Ataccama related configuration, so you will have to find a guide online.
    After setting up kerberos, you need the pass the krb.conf location to the one-desktop.ini file located in the Build directory. You can do it by adding the following parameter in the .ini: .
    Finally, pass three parameters in the connection string of the IDE, instead of the one in Windows - integratedsecurity=true;authenticationScheme=JavaKerberos;serverSpn=(you can get the SPN by running in the terminal: klist -c krb5cc). In username you would use username@domainname and again your windows password in the password field.