Ataccama product roadmap event is coming soon 🗺️

  • 11 June 2024
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Ataccama product roadmap event is coming soon 🗺️
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Hi community 👋


Ataccama’s Community is a place for asking all questions Ataccama, sharing knowledge, and collaboration. Our space is here for all our members to learn from each other’s experience and expertise.


Some of you might have seen that early this year we launched our revamped recognition program and it’s been great to see so many of you taking place on the leaderboard, leveling up through the ranks by sharing your Ataccama best practices and use cases, engaging and helping other community members with their questions. While leaderboard points showcase your participation in the community, we also have badges that symbolize your accomplishments (more on this coming soon!).


📆As part of our recognition program, we are excited to share that our first-ever community roadmap event is taking place on July 9th led by Ataccama’s newly appointed CPO, Jay Limburn.


How can I join?

This event is exclusive and invite-only to Data Pioneer-ranked members. All Data Pioneers and above will receive a personal invite to their inbox 📩


What if you are not a Data Pioneer yet and wondering how to get there? 🔍

Our recognition program is based on sharing, helping, and supporting other members in their Ataccama journey. Engage with the community, like posts, comment & share your solutions under open questions, create posts and share your tips & tricks on how to use Ataccama, and give insights on your use case for our wider community to benefit from. 


Before you know it you'll be a Data Pioneer L2 and joining us for the eagerly anticipated Product Roadmap session 💪

Check out our recognition program below 👇




5 replies

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Hi there,

Can you please share the ranks hierarchy? I see my rank, but I don’t know if it is lower than Data Pioneer or higher :) 

Thank you! And I am looking forward to this event!

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Hi @Maria Golikova of course! We have 18 ranks at the moment and it goes like this from highest to the beginner ranks: 

Starship co-captain
Starship Crew member
Intergalactic Expert L2
Intergalactic Expert
Cosmic Pioneer
Cosmic Explorer
Rocket Pioneer L3
Rocket Pioneer L2
Rocket Pioneer L1
Star Blazer L3
Star Blazer L2
Star Blazer L1
Data Pioneer L2
Data Pioneer
Universe Traveller
Data Enthusiast
Space Explorer
Data Voyager
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Hi @Cansu,

Thanks a lot!  Super helpful!

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Hi @Cansu will partners be invited automatically? Will the session be recorded and viewable later?

I’m on holidays the 9th but i would try to make it (or at least want to review it after my holiday)


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Hi @Joeri, this is a community-organized event for all partners and customers with Data Pioneer rank and above, so anyone holding these ranks will be invited. The session won’t be recorded, however, we do plan to do a second one in the second half of the year 🙋‍♀️