Introduction to RDM - Part 1️⃣

  • 13 November 2023
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Introduction to RDM - Part 1️⃣
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Hi everyone, and happy Monday!


In this post, we will cover Ataccama’s Reference Data Management solution with a short introduction, follow us for part 2 and check out our MDM Series below 👇🏻


First things first.

What is RDM?

Reference data is data that defines the values that are used to classify and characterize other data. This is sometimes known - not always correctly - as Master Data, Golden Record, Golden Copy, or Single Source of Truth.

RDM is an essential component of Master Data Management (MDM) that has evolved to become a mature data management discipline in its own right.


Who's It For?

At the heart of the RDM web application are three key player roles:

  • Reference Data Stewards
  • Analysts
  • Managers

Designed with precision, the RDM web application caters to these roles, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient experience.

What Can You Do?

The RDM web application empowers you with a rich set of features:

  • View, Edit, and Manage: Seamlessly view, edit, and manage reference data, putting you in control.

  • Custom Queries: Display data-relevant information or query results tailored to your needs.

  • Synchronize and Import/Export: Effortlessly synchronize data from multiple sources and import/export with ease.

  • Quality Control: Maintain record quality through various types of validations.

  • Time-Specific Validity: Configure time-specific validity for data, ensuring relevance and accuracy.


Components at a Glance

The RDM solution is a well-oiled machine with four crucial components:

  • Keycloak: A third-party identity management tool.

  • RDM Server: The processing engine driving Ataccama RDM.

  • RDM Webapp: Your gateway to efficient reference data management.

  • Relational Database: The sturdy backend (PostgreSQL, MS SQL, or Oracle) anchoring the entire RDM solution.

Ataccama Reference Data Manager stands tall as a dedicated tool, fostering formal, defined processes and wielding central authority over all reference data changes. Key highlights include:

  • Full Data Lifecycle Management: Not just viewing but changing, creating, and deleting existing data.

  • Domain-Agnostic Flexibility: Adapt seamlessly to diverse industries with the power of a domain-agnostic tool.

  • Cutting-Edge User Interface: Stay ahead with a user-friendly interface, incorporating the latest standards and technology in UI and UX.

  • Stand-Alone or Integrated: Use RDM as a standalone solution or integrate it into a comprehensive suite (e.g., Ataccama Master Data Management).

  • Integration Mastery: True to the Ataccama platform, RDM excels in integrating with other systems and applications via standard interfaces.

Business Role and Cases

Business Role:

  • Reference Data Operations: Facilitate reference data management operations with an emphasis on validation processes.

  • Configurable Workflow: Easily configure workflows for business approval processes, ensuring a smooth operational rhythm.

  • System Consistency: Synchronize processes across systems, maintaining the consistency of reference data.

  • Intuitive Browsing: Browse reference data effortlessly through hierarchies, views, or entity tables, complemented by advanced navigation features.

  • Historical Traceability: Ensure historical traceability and auditing of data changes over time.

Business Cases:

  • Diverse Source System Management: Manage reference data seamlessly across a diverse range of source systems.

  • Central Authority: Establish a central authority for reference data editing, supported by configurable workflows for business approval.

  • Consistent Data Supply: Provide consistent reference data to consuming systems and synchronize with various reference data sources.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Offer an easy-to-use application for searching and displaying reference data as needed.

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow 👀



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