Workflow execution from Ataccama server

  • 28 March 2024
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I have an Ataccama workflow (EWF file) developed in ONE Desktop that executes after an ETL job. The workflow kicks off multiple data quality monitoring projects, extracts and aggregates their results, generates a Tableau hyper file from those results and publishes it to Tableau server. I’m currently executing that workflow on a dedicated server, but would prefer to deploy it to Ataccama server and execute it via an API call.

Is there a way to deploy and execute workflows on Ataccama server?


Best answer by Samuel Muvdi 1 April 2024, 17:30

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1 reply

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Good morning @jbrant!

Yes, you can deploy and execute workflows on an Ataccama server. For that task you would need to use a runtime server that came with your platform set up. Examples of runtime servers are Orchestration server / admin console, DQC/DQIT server / admin console, RDM server / admin console, MDM server / admin console. You should have the link and credentials from the platform onboarding. If not, please contact your Ataccama contact person or our support (in case of the PaaS).Once you know which runtime server you can use, you can then upload your code from the IDE into the server where the workflows folder is located (this has to be done manually in case of self-managed platform or via git in case of PaaS).Then you would be able to go to the appropriate runtime server's URL for admin console and execute the workflow, either manually, on a schedule, or via API call. The process to trigger the workflow remotely is same except your base URL will be based on the runtime server's admin console URL.


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