Task Management - create task with sub tasks for reviewing catalog item metadata updates

  • 9 February 2024
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Currently we updating Catalog Items and Attribute metadata (description, classification, and terms) via desktop plan (bulk) and would like to create one overall task with sub-tasks for each ‘categorized’ catalog item or attribute. 


  1. Execution one desktop plan updates 100 attributes - SIN and Surname with  descriptions, classifications, or terms;
  2. Trigger a creation of a 1 task called Review/Approve Metadata with 2 sub-tasks based on the 2 attribute names
  3. Assign the tasks to a defaulted group (Data Catalog Enrichment Arbitration Group) with a requirement of all members of that group approved or reject with an reason prior to completing the task.



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Hello @Catherine ,


I am not sure what exactly do you need help with, but I can provide at least a hint on how to automatically create a task via API.

You can use this to create first the task itself:

mutation {
_taskService {
createTask(task: {
name: "Test Task",
description: "Task description",
taskTypeId: "f847d6c6-bbf0-4288-8ae1-e693a6127f9d",
state: TODO,
priority: LOW,
assignment: {
candidateGroupId: "220e3507-0000-7000-0000-0000000b3bc1"

The taskTypeId is a type of the task (e.g. General or Data issue), to get the specific ID of your platform I recommend using e.g. the developer tools with graphQL plugin - you would create some test task and check the Id of it in the graphQL plugin. It is always the same. I can find out if we have an API for it.

Then, you can use this to actually create the subtasks, you would use the task id that would be returned from the first API, to assign the subtask to the correct task:

mutation CreateSubtask {
_taskService {
createSubtask(subtask: {
name: "Subtask a",
description: "",
entityReference: {
entityType: "tableAttribute",
id: "08664d56-0000-7000-0000-00000008d94d",
name: "company_name"
assignment: {
candidateGroupId: "16d3a735-0000-7000-0000-0000000e0054"
state: TODO,
taskId: "402a10b3-6687-49a6-8ab5-45492dc53832"

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need more help with the actual plan or some clarification.

Kind regards,