Is it possible to customise the subject (screenshot below) and add things like DQ rule or Project name by any chance? Currently it just returns “Project run finished”.

  • 2 April 2024
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Is it possible to customise the subject (screenshot below) and add things like DQ rule or Project name by any chance? Currently it just returns “Project run finished”. 


I have some groups with several monitoring projects and would like to know the project name in the subject line itself.

And having the ability to add overall Data QUality results of that MP in the subject line will be a definite plus.

For Ex: “Project run finished for Security Master Start of Day at 5:05AM PST on 4/2/2024 with overall Data Quality of 84%

(the bold and underlined above would be variables available for that monitoring project)


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Hi @Prasad Rani thank you for posting! We’re missing the screenshot here, could you please edit your post? 


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Hi @Prasad Rani ,

 To get the Monitoring project name and when it got finished on the email subject, You can go to the settings and edit the Email template. 

 After clicking on the edit you can add these variables in the subject after the “Project run finished”. This will achieve what you want. 

  • Project name: {{context.projectName}}

  • Date of processing : {{context.finishedAtFormatted}}

Hope this helps. 



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Thanks Srija. I thought I tried some thing like this few months ago that never worked, but i will give it a try again.

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I tried this again. And it still does not work. WHen i add these variables in the subject line, it is printing that variable name itself rather than replacing withproject name and date of run.


I updated the Email template through global settings and put the subject line as 

“Project {{context.projectName}} run finished at {{context.finishedAtFormatted}}”

when the email came out , the subject line had these variables rather than their values.

see screenshots below.




From your example, it seems like it is working for you. I tried exactly the same solution several months ago, and it did same as what it did today (by printing the variable names in the subject and not the variable value). 


Is your environment self hosted, OR hosted by Ataccama? Could that be of any difference?

Iam on version 14.5.1 - and not sure which version you are on.

But I really would have loved if this worked for me.



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Hi @Prasad Rani ,

 It is supported from15.1+ version. As it is not supported in 14.5. That is the reason you weren’t able to get this. 


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atleast, good to know this is fixed in 15.x