How to connect to Hive Warehouse Connector?

  • 25 March 2024
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We want to profile Hive managed tables in our Cloudera data lake. This is only possible if the Hive managed table is defined as non transactional. However to turn of that feature you need to rebuild the table. We had a discussion with our architecture team and they don't want to turn off this functionality.

The other option then is using Hive Warehouse Connector. It is known that this has some performance costs. But we want to test this anyway.

Is there any documentation on using this feature?


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4 replies


Hi @Marcel-Jan ,

Please find the documentation . 

Hope this helps.



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Hi @srija piratla 

We already have a connection to Hive. We can profile external Hive tables, no problem.

But we can't profile (transactional) Hive managed tables. That's why we need the Hive Warehouse Connector. And this documentation does not mention that.

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There currently is no documentation for this.

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Hi @Marcel-Jan, I’ve passed on your feedback to our documentation team and will be sure to let you know if there are any updates on the documentation 👍