🎤 Your Feedback Needed - Data Retention 🎤

🎤 Your Feedback Needed - Data Retention 🎤

Hi everyone, 

I’m Nadya, I work as Product Manager here at Ataccama. My team and I are researching potential enhancements for our Data Retention functionality and we are keen to learn more about your needs and experiences in this area. Your insights will help us design a more effective solution for all our users.

Here are some guiding questions we are curious to know more about:

  • Are you setting retention on the monitoring projects or globally?
  • Do you use DQ retention? 
  • Does it happen that the same data in different monitoring projects would have different retention periods? 

For anyone new to the feature, you can enable it in two ways:

1. Data retention for monitoring projects is set up in Advanced settings  👇AD_4nXdkhXv9rB1ObiWsvqUTTdFqve20beOkIjQRNCb992czOzbBKByQ6KyBV3EGkz5HU-TE17qc9zJgXBZ1z6_jEFuG0MVj1cenKP-bKS0b4jNDz79_8M0on37xAKse_DPp4nDN5LwECHe08Rp4aTkYPgIc9S_7?key=LbXNf7vhdmgBgO_kCSJkjw

 2. The other option for the admin to set up retention globally in the organisation settings. (Monitoring project admins can change it on the monitoring level later.) 

Our team is interested in hearing how you use the feature, how it helps with your work, and what challenges you may have. If you have any ideas on how we can enhance it or any feedback about data retention, please let us know in the comments below 👇

If you comment in this thread, we may contact you in private. Your input will help us better understand your needs and is greatly appreciated🙌

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