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  • 14 April 2022
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At Ataccama we value feedback from our users as we strive to bring them the best solutions to their data challenges. We want to understand how they use Ataccama in their work and what they want and need—and your feedback helps make us better.


What you get

🎉  See new features and prototypes before everyone else.

❤️  Share your Ataccama experiences with our friendly researchers.

🎨  An opportunity to shape the future of new products.

🎁  Gifts and vouchers for your time and participation.


Join User Research at Ataccama!


How to get started

First, join the User Research at Ataccama. When you’re a match for a study, a user researcher will send you an e-mail invitation for 1:1 research sessions, usability testing for new features or with a short online survey. You will then select a time slot that best fits your schedule. Finally, you will join the session with a user researcher. We promise we won’t contact you more than once a month.


We value your privacy

Don’t worry—we will never ask you to share any confidential information. We value your privacy and adhere to the best practices. In sessions, we will always use our instance of Ataccama with demo data or our prototypes. You can learn more in our Privacy Notice.


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