RDM - Permissions to stop a role editing published rows

  • 20 January 2023
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Hi - I need to set the permissions for a role in RDM that allows users within this role to create new rows, edit newly created rows and move them to publish. Once a row has been either Published or ‘Awaiting Confirmation’ the user should not be able to edit or delete the row.

Is there a way of doing this in RDM? 



Best answer by tomas.reichel 24 January 2023, 00:42

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3 replies

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@tomas.reichel Tome you’re the expert :-) Can you help?


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Hello, I don’t think there is any nice way to set up such permissions. If that would be really must-have functionality, I can imagine some workaround using row permissions - for example to have custom approval step where approver should populate certain field and the editor role will have only permissions to rows where the field is empty.

If it is not really needed, I would try to avoid it, because even if there wouldn’t be any issue with that workaround, it would add complexity both to the maintenance and to the actual approval workflow.

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Sarka, Tomas - Thank you for your quick response.