Solved Error message: Online configuration is not valid!

  • 3 March 2023
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During bundle deployment I see this error. I have tried different combination of

  1. Update to old bundle.
  2. Manually update the component again on the existing old bundle and upload
  3. Copying extended unification
  4. Updating OmnigenServer folders (bundle,cmd,dbms) with the backup.
  5. restarting services as needed.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you.


Best answer by AKislyakov 6 March 2023, 06:49

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3 replies

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Rebuilding the repo with the new extended unifier after dropping the repo tables helped resolve the issue. This was needed because a new custom column was added.

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Hi sgilla,

Usually, with such error, some more detailed messages available are available in the server logs.

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Ok. Thanks again.