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  • 15 March 2023
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I’ve got a question while using DQ evaluation rules.

I have been creating rules with valid and invalid messages but just the invalid message at the end does not display as intended.


But when I view this in the results tab it just says OTHER as the explanation. 




Is there a workaround to this problem? 

Should I edit my rule logic to include some specific condition and leave the rest to fall under the ‘IF none of the conditions above apply THEN’


TIA for the replies. 



Best answer by Max 16 March 2023, 11:25

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2 replies


Hello Jerin,


Thank you for reaching out to us.

The behavior that you are describing in your question appears to be a known bug of ONE application, specifically for versions below 14th, on which the bug was fixed.

Unfortunately, I have to say that there is no known workaround for this issue, and the only thing I could suggest to you is to consider upgrading your ONE application to the latest version.

In case you have more questions regarding the same topic, feel free to ask, and I will try to respond shortly.


Best regards,


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Thank you for the information. We will be upgrading soon.