Release May 25, 2022

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Platform API (PaaS version)

  • Added automatic generation of API keys for users and web applications.

Dataset Uploader

  • Improved the stability of the upload process. Upload can now survive occasional connection drops.
  • Increased the speed of the data intake. Data is now pushed to the database in smaller batches in parallel.
  • Added internal cleanup for the Dataset Uploader.
  • Added cleanup after a successful dataset upload.

Web Application


  • Metrics are now aggregated only for the suitable data type. If aggregation cannot be used, it is hidden.
  • After a YouTube video finishes playing, new video suggestions are disabled.
  • Improved messaging when accessing a story that no longer exists or for which you do not have the correct permissions.
  • Added a default value for multi-series charts to prevent performance issues. The value can be changed after loading.
  • Added the debug mode. If a story cannot be loaded or appears frozen, you can load the story without data by adding ?debug=1 to the page URL.


  • Fixed settings for the length of widget labels. You can now edit the label length.
  • The formula now supports changing colors and using facts (global variables).
  • The more options menu (three dots) is no longer displayed on the main page when no datasets or stories are available. 
  • Fixed loading insight in the preview mode.
  • Fixed the date-time label format in multi-series charts.