ONE AI is here πŸš€

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ONE AI is here πŸš€

Hi everyone πŸ‘‹

Get ready for some exciting newsπŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯

This release is probably one of the most awaited updates for Ataccama ONE - we are so excited to share that ONE AI is finally here!

ONE AI can generate DQ Rules, create and interpret SQL queries, automate routine tasks, and more, allowing your teams to devote their time to more strategic and value-driven initiatives, while simultaneously making trusted data easily accessible to all users.

AI-Powered Data Quality βœ…

  • Generate complex DQ rules from plain text or apply AI-driven rule suggestions

    Empower any user to improve DQ effortlessly by providing recommendations and creating actionable DQ rules via plain text conversions – no need to code. ONE AI can generate rule suggestions based on your metadata and profiling results, and you can decide & approve new rules according to relevancy and your needs.

    It’s also possible to use ONE AI to automatically detect the most relevant DQ rules for your specific datasets and create ONE Expressions in rule implementation.


Assisted Rule Management, Anomaly Detection, Time Series Analysis and Freshness Monitoring are just a few other highlights of the AI-driven data quality features, making data rule creation and assignment much easier.



AI-powered Data GovernanceπŸ“–

  • Generate Table Descriptions

Automatically generate descriptions for your table catalog items to streamline the data catalog management, enhancing data asset documentation. Now, you can perform data documentation much faster leveraging the new ONE AI for automated asset categorization, classification, and description creation.


Use AI to fill in a table description in the database or catalog, and help your team members facilitate through various tables in ease. Don’t forget to save before leaving!


SQL generation πŸͺ„

  • Create SQL queries using natural language
  • Interpret existing SQL queries for better understanding
  • Perform SQL-to-text explanations

Say goodbye to the complexities of SQL!

When you need to create specific data assets for tracking the Data Quality and anomalies on the partition of table you’d initially use SQL.

Now, you can use ONE AI and express your data needs in plain text and let ONE AI to generate the correct SQL syntax for the specific database. ONE AI can also interpret existing SQL query that might have been created by any of your colleagues and turn into plain text for ease of understanding by anyone.


Chat with our documentation πŸ’¬

  • Get simplified documentation access; chat with 100+ docs available on any app page
  • Ask your questions and let the AI help you with navigating through our documentation with follow-up’s and resources

You can now ask questions and query data using plain language in ⚑️ speed. Don't dig through the long product documentation. Simply ask what you want to know and ONE AI will answer it for you.

For a detailed overview of the ONE AI v15.1 features, check out Generative AI in ONE.

Stay tuned for more updates and share your questions and feedback on the ONE AI below! πŸ‘‡

To find out more, please contact us here,Β or reach out to your Account Executive.Β πŸ‘‹

Exited to see Gen AI in ReleaseΒ 

Generative AI in ONE.Β  - Above link is broken, I am seeing 403 Errors.Pls fix

Hi @Siva_MadhavanΒ thank you for the feedback! I’ve updated the link πŸ‘