Should I ask in Community or raise a ticket to Support?

Are you wondering if you should ask in Community or raise a ticket to our Support team?

No worries! We have summarized the purpose of each platform for you.


Ataccama Community is a place where you engage directly with your industry peers and Ataccama product teams, have the opportunity to influence the development of Ataccama ONE platform by voting on and raising feature requests, find out more about upcoming events (both conferences and webinars), ask questions about products and features and learn more about new product releases and tips & tricks. 


Ataccama Support provides general guidance on implementation and configuration of Ataccama products, root-cause analysis of technical issues that arise during standard usage of Ataccama products, during installation, upgrades and integration of Ataccama product and acknowledging bug reports, providing fixes and/or suggesting workarounds. 


Don´t hesitate to ask questions in the comment section, we will be more than happy to answer them!

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