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Hi Team,I am trying to find how we can achieve completeness DQ control by comparing data in the file and the table irrespective of the position of primary key in either of them. Also, need to know how we can achieve the same by using the composite keys.


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From your question, it seems you want to compare data at a source (file) and a target (table), for cases like this where we want to compare a source and a target, you can use Reconciliation Projects. You would need to import that file and table into ONE web app as catalog items first, and then once that is completed, you can create a new reconciliation project, then you would select the file and tables as source and targets under the catalog item drop box. You can also compare sources and locations (schemas and folders) as well.


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Hi @Soniya, I’m closing this thread for now, if you have any follow-up questions please feel free to share them here in the comments or create a new post 🙋‍♀️