Comparing values from two tables


Situation: I wrote a(n) SQL catalog item joining multiple tables and in Ataccama I'm using rules to compare the values if they are the same. LONG = LONG, check if the nr_loan = the same a.nr_loan, etc.

My question is if there's an easier way to see if two tables are identical. I'm doing this to check the integrity.

I couldn't find anything relatable asked in the community.




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Hi @JTH, thank you for posting! Currently, the only way to compare two tables is to join them in a VCI and apply cross-attribute checks or with an SQL CI as you’ve described as your current practice. 

Thank you!


Is there a chance that this table level comparison is possible in near future versions of ataccama?

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Hi @GopichandG, the team is aware of this feedback, and we’ll be sure to let you know in the monthly updates. We are releasing monthly product updates where you can find out about all our recent updates.