Can we restrict Ataccama One User Management to Users' Stewardship group

  • 2 April 2024
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Hello everyone,

I’d like to set up access permissions in Ataccama One so that users within a particular stewardship group are limited to making changes only to that specific group (e.g., adding/removing users from certain roles within that group)?

For example, HR users should only be allowed to make user related changes within the confine of the HR group.

However, the user management seems to be a global page and does not have stewardship-specific access. If anyone has insights on how to achieve this restriction, could you kindly share your workaround

Thank you in advance!


Best answer by Samuel Muvdi 3 April 2024, 21:29

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2 replies

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I believe this deals with group hierarchy, it may be possible to do this using child groups. For example, you have HR within organization, so you would go to HR group and create a child group called “HR_child” and then give that child group its configurations. 

 Please check this link for more details! Groups :: Ataccama ONE

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Hello @Samuel Muvdi , thank you very much for your suggestion and sorry for the delayed reply. I will try this out!