Working with APIs via GraphQL

  • 12 January 2022
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Querying APIs via GraphQL

Did you know that your ONE solution already comes with a preconfigured GraphQL interface that can be used to run API queries in your web application?

The GraphQL Playground is available at the following URL: <web_app_URL>/playground

You can use the queries for a wide range of operations to read or manipulate data in the Ataccama application, for instance:

  • Listing your Catalog Items, associated Terms or Connection Sources
  • Checking the status of your Catalog items
  • Trigger a Profiling of a Catalog item
  • Publish an Entity from a Draft state
  • … and many more!


List all available Catalog items via a query:


Make sure you get familiar with this powerful feature. Visit the following page and get familiar with the basics via following a series of simple use cases. Good luck!


Useful Documentation Links:

ONE API page on the Ataccama Documentation Portal:

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