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Welcome to official Ataccama community. This is a place for Ataccama clients, partners, business and domain experts to connect and share ideas, business solutions, and implementation best practices for Ataccama products. The Ataccama team is ready to jump in and help with the discussion.

The community is organized into the following categories.

Product discussions:

General topics:

  • Announcements - check the release and support announcements.
  • DQ Analyzer - community support for our free data profiling tool.
  • Ataccama Integrated Platform - discuss the whole platform, product integration or shared components.
  • Other - discussions about the community itself and anything that does not belong any of the categories above.

Watch introductory DQA, DQC, and RDM on Demand videos, More information about our products can be found on Documentation portal.
If your issue needs to meet an agreed SLA, please open a ticket in Helpdesk.

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