Web service performance

(Amey Gupte) #1

We have created web services to return data in JSON format via a web service call. For now the web service has a component which has a JDBC reader step with ‘SELECT * FROM’ query on an underlying database table.

We have 4 such web services on 4 separate tables. 3 of the web services work in Postman. However, the 4th one does not bring back any results (Postman hangs). The table for the 4th web service has the most rows (approx. 187K).

Has anyone encountered such an issue before, and if yes, how was it resolved?

Also, how do I call this web service from excel (instead of Postman)?

Thank you.

(Maksim Zhelyazkov) #2

Dear Amey,

You should not be having issues calling all your web services. However, Postman is a third party application and we do not know what its limitations are. I saw online some complaints of Postman breaking in similar situations, but I saw no solution. Have you tried first writing the information locally, for example in Excel, and then calling it to see if the issue still occurs? Another option would be to use other way of calling the service, apart from Postman.

When it comes to using Excel for calling the web services, there are no limitation on our side and you should be able to do it. We have not tested it though. These are some of instruction I found online on how to do it: http://excelerator.solutions/2017/08/28/excel-http-get-request/ and https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/dev/general-development/excel-web-services

Please, keep in mind that these are third party sources we have not tested and we could not guarantee they would work in your use case.

If you manage to implement the solution and call your web services in Excel, please share the solution with us.