Using Ataccama Scheduler in Admin Center - DQC

(sivaraman gangadharan) #1

Hello ,
I have a question in using Ataccama Scheduler thru admin center . I make changes to default serverconfig and default runtimeconfig .

default-serverconfig - Holds all the workflow path , scheduler path information for different projects in DEV server .
default runtimeconfig - Holds all the database connections required for all the different projects .
Question 1 :Should schedule information update if i make changes to serverconfig and restart the DQ services in server ?

Now i can get schedule updated by using an extra step of going to IDE in different workspace and kicking off /bin/start_server.bat from the bin folder . I am thinking without going to IDE and just a restart of services should update the schedule .

please let me know if you need more details or for a quick call to go over the issue .


(Evgeni Enchev) #2

Hello Siva,

In the Admin Center, under Schedulers configuration menu, there should be a button allowing you to refresh scheduler definitions.

After clicking on it, the server picks up any changes made to the .sch files, without restart necessary.

However, please note that any changes in the serverconfig/runtimeconfig files, will indeed require the restart procedure.

Hope that helps,
Evgeni Enchev

(sivaraman gangadharan) #3

Hi Evgeni ,
I did click reload definitions after restarting the services , but it did not refresh the latest changes made to the serverconfig file .


(Evgeni Enchev) #4

Hi Siva,

As described in the my previous post, changes in serverConfig/runtimeConfig files require a server restart.
The “Reload definitions” procedure applies only for changes made in the files with the sch extension.