US Holidays Calendar

(zahida) #1

Does anyone know how to build a US Holidays Calendar for workflows, I would like to skip the Data Quality processes on US Holidays and resume on next day. Especially on cases where data is dependent on Market closing dates, for example Market would be close on Thanksgiving Thursday Nov 22 and on 11/23/2108 source files will contain data as of 11/21/2018 (market closing date). In this case workflows should be able to read “Data Effective Date” excluding the Holiday (11/22/2018). it’s okay for me if I have to build a custom calendar going forward for every year i.e. 2019, 2020… so on.

(Evgeni Enchev) #2

Hi Zahida,
Easiest would be to use an external API, providing record of holidays. Then, depending on the response from it (call via HTTP Get/Post task), you can keep track of a workflow variable (if isHoliday=true, next tasks won’t be run, implemented as condition in the link between tasks).
As this would be an external service (there are paid and free options), I won’t be able to recommend any. Here’s a google seach. that may help you narrow down the options.

An alternative to the previous option, would be, as you stated, to maintain the holiday database in-house, either in a RDBMS or a file, and control the isHoliday variable value, based on e.g. a Read SQL result task.