Update Lookup files whilst server is running

we have a multiple webservices using lookup files which are just dumps of data from a database, we need to be able to update these on a nightly bases but short of stopping the webserver and restarting it I am unable to figure out how to update the lookup files. The webserver has a hold of the lookup files and won’t allow me to update them whilst its running:

java.io.IOException: file D:\xxx.lkp is locked

How do I solve this? I’m running 10.6.2 btw.

Hello Daniel,

For such cases we have the so-called Versioned File System Component. If you have defined such in your serverConfig you would get the button “Refresh versioned filesystem folders” which will allow you to update your lookup file without having to restart the server. For more information on how to defined it in your serverConfig you can check the built-in documentation and search for Versioned File System Component.

Best Regards,