Union step not populating all required columns

(Jayant Singh) #1

Hello Ataccama users,

We are trying to use the union step to combine columns from two different data flows.Please see figure 1.

In this figure we are adding the column P_Date from right data source.Please see figure 2.

We are expecting the column to be populated in the step text_file_writer folowing the union step.Please see figure 3.
Figure%203 Figure%201 14ALLP_CLL_out.comp (196.2 KB)

But we see that all columns are populated except P_Date. Please see figure 4.
We have also uploaded the post-processing component for reference.

Can we kindly get some help why is the p_Date not being populated? Thanks in advance.


To combine data from two different flows into one row you need Join step.
Union will not combine data into single row, rather it will add rows from left side after all rows from the right side.