Unable to start the ataccama server while switching projects in Model Explorer

(Jayant Singh) #1

Dear colleagues,
I am having difficulty in starting the Ataccama server when we switch from one project to another. Let me try to explain the problem in more detail.

Say, we are working on a project (WRRP), with source system called XYZ. We have made a database connection called ‘DQD’ (default one). We are able to successfully start and stop the Ataccama server from the WRRP project, process the source system in the admin center and view results in DQ Dashboard. Once we view results in Dashboard, we stop the Ataccama server in WRRP project successfully.

Next, we go to a new project called 14A. This has the same database connection ‘DQD’. When we try to start the Ataccama server from this project, we get an error complaining about a missing component. Please see the figure attached. I should mention that this component was defined in the previous project, WRRP and is not being used in my present project, 14A.

Out of curiosity, when we look at default tables under the DQD database, for example at the table; BM_ATT, (please see figure attached), we see tables that were being used in WRRP project. In my opinion, since we have generated the new project and re-started the server from new project, we should see tables from my new project. This problem is consistently bothering our team and hampering our deliverables.

In nutshell, our problem is that changes in the project are not getting reflected in the tables under the database, even though new project has been reloaded and generated. Help/advice is greatly appreciated.

(Katrin Popova) #2

Hello Jayant,

From what you have described you have two different projects in DQD that are using the same repository. Please correct me, if I have not understood you correctly and provide me more details.

Each project in DQD requires its own Datamart (either there is a dedicated schema for that or they could be distinguished by a unique Datamart prefix. The Datamart prefix is useful when several DQD engines use the same database schema as a storage. Please refer to this documentation and I think you may find this discussion useful.