Unable to create Column Assigner

(Jayant Singh) #1

Dear friends,

Recently I came across a new error message while processing the source system in my project. Please see the file attached.
As an attempt, I tried to search for the term ‘Column Assigner’ in the dqd-config file but could not find it. Here are two questions I need help with;

  1. May I know what this error message means explicitly?
  2. Is there way to trace which component is causing the error? I am not being able to trace this error to its cause.

Help is greatly appreciated.

(Danny Ryan) #2

Hi. ‘Column Assigner’ is a component of a plan.
Have a look at your plan to locate the column assigner component with the error.
By default at the bottom of the Eclipse development environment(when editing a plan) there is an option to view the errors on the plan or component. Might be worth checking the error messages here to determine the issue.
Let us know how you get on.
Good luck

(Jayant Singh) #3

Good Evening!

Thanks for your prompt response. Actually, we have close to 334 components in my project, and each of them possibly has a column assigner. It is evident that individual checking is going to be tedious. Therefore, I was wondering, do we have option of tracing the error to the component which is possibly causing this error? But looking at the logs doesn’t provide that information.

Feedback/advice is greatly appreciated.

(Danny Ryan) #4

Good evening. Are you able to share the full error message from your log file? I am sure it can be used to isolate the filename. What triggers the error?

(Jayant Singh) #5

Good afternoon!
Sure. Actually, the error message that I posted in the first note above is the entire error log. But I am not being able to locate the filename from there. I did look into the dqd-config.xml file as expected, but could not find ‘Column Assigner’.
Help/advice is greatly appreciated.

To answer the second question, this error is being generated when we process the project using admin center.

Thanks for your co-operation