Two different projects have their own corresponding Datamarts and hence DQD webapps

Hello Colleagues,
We are trying to define two Datamarts corresponding to two different projects. Our goal is to define two separate DQD webapp links for each Datamart(hence each project).
May I know has any user tried this yet successfully? We came across the link; [DQD - 2 different projects can have same DQD Dashboard web links]; but it seems that the user is using similar Datamart here and trying to define two DQD’s from it.

This is different from our planned approach, make a datamart corresponding to each project. Help/feedback is greatly appreciated.

We partioned Tomcat (the web server) to have 2 different webapp links.

Appreciate your response.
I have couple of queries, if you don’t mind answering.

So, are the two separate webapp links being fed from two different datamarts?Or, you are using same Datamart for both links?

Another question, I had was is it advisable to make two copies of tomcat folder in the installation folder? Please see attached image.

Am grateful to you for your advice.


Dear Jayant,
What you want to achieve can be done by following the instructions in the installation documentation for DQD deployment on Tomcat or the instructions in the post you linked.

To answer your second question - if you want a second DQD web application, you should make a new instance of the dqd folder located in tomcat/webapps. Then in the second instance make the relevant changes in the config files, as mentioned in the documentation and the other post.

The difference when you want to use one DQD Datamart, as described in the other Community post, or two DQD Datamarts is the following: when you want two Datamarts you do not have to configure datamart prefixes. Instead you have to configure separate database connections in …/META-INF/context.xml of your second webapps instance.

Let me know if you have more questions or open a ticket if you face a specific issue in the process of implementing the solution.

Kind Regards,

We use 2 separate data marts. The partition is done in tomcat/webapps as mentioned by Maksim above.