Test model project locally

(Amey Gupte) #1

I am developing a DQD project from the model project DQ Dashboard template on a Mac. How do I test this project locally, before deploying on the server?

(Dimitar Dikov) #2

You can configure DQD Web Application and Admin Center on your local machine.

If you want to use your database, make sure it is connected and configured in runtimeConfig on your local machine. You can refer to the following documentation for adding a data source connection in runtimeConfig. In addition, you can also specify the server connection, please refer to this manual.

In the serverConfig (on your local machine) you have to add the DQD Server Component.

In META-INF/context.xml you have to define the available resources for DQD.

After everything is set:
• Your database should be up and running
Start Admin Center (Ataccama Server)
• Start Tomcat

This way you can review and test your project locally.