Technical Model -- Attribute type does not match

(sivaraman gangadharan) #1

Hugo ,
How are you doing ? I wanted to check with you on issue with technical model where it says attribute does not match for in_Drg column which is string everywhere . please let me know if you need more details and share if something strikes you right if you had come across . I checked forums which didn’t help and I will post this topic as well .

(Petya Minovska) #2

Hello Sivaraman,

Please find the solution below:

Using input columns in the definition of the multi-entity expression rule with the same name (e.g. DRG (Parent) & DRG (Child)):

Change the name of either the Parent or Child columns which have the same name (e.g. DRG (Parent) & DRG_Child (Child)):

(sivaraman gangadharan) #3

Thanks a lot , it fixed the issue .