Starting a new DQD from blank template - no web interface?

(Danny Ryan) #1

Hi team,

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas? All the best for the new year ahead.

I have been following the guide @

I have a blank project that I have populated with some dummy source systems, models and entities.
I have also created a local Apache Derby database as the datamart to store the data.

Having saved the project, reloaded the metadata and generated the source code. I can start the project using the start_server.bat and see the server is operational @ localhost:8888.

I am struggling to understand where and how I access the DQD Web Application?

I have attached a copy of my project to this post.

Many thanks

(Danny Ryan) #2

Hi Team,

Using the\tomcat\bin\startup.bat
I was able to start Tomcat as I now understand this is needed to host the DQD web app.
Unfortunately, I am now presented with a new error message.

the following message is displayed @ http://localhost:8081/dqd/

Cannot init dqd application
Invalid or no license for DQD

(Inna Burmistrova) #3

Hi Danny,

We’re glad that you were able to solve the issue and start Tomcat.
Regarding the license, could you please create a ticket in the helpdesk?