SQL scripts to define tables for DQD

(Jayant Singh) #1

Dear colleagues,
We are trying to define tables for the SQL Sever Database to store our rule execution results.
Right now, we can see that the scripts to define tables for DQIT are located at db/scripts/dqit. Is it possible to get the scripts to define table for DQD too?

Help is appreciated.

(Victoria Tuktarova) #2

Hello Jayant,

There is completely different approach for the DQD to create a schema. To achieve this please do the following:

  • Create connection to the DB (or use existing one).
  • Open Preferences and fill Datamart Connection with the name of needed DB.
  • Save and Generate your project.
  • Deploy generated configuration to your database by running
    standalone_deploy_configuration.bat in Files/bin.

All tables should appear automatically.

Kind regards,

(Jayant Singh) #3

Thanks for your reply. Appreciate it.
I was wondering, is there any documentation regarding those tables which are generated in a datmart, what those different tables mean etc.
If possible, kindly send me the link. I would like to go through it to grow my understanding.

(Victoria Tuktarova) #4

Hello Jayant,

Unfortunately, there is no documentation connected to those tables. They considered to be a part of our back-end and we highly do not recommend to make any changes in those tables.

Kind regards,

(Jayant Singh) #5

Thanks for the prompt response, Victoria. But it is not helping me a lot. Since I ma getting an error, “Cannot find row version in Datamart”. I tried to recreate a new Datamart but still it is not helping.

Since this thread was for a different query and my task is urgent, I will need to open a ticket, if its okay.


(Maksim Zhelyazkov) #6

Hello Jayant,

I believe this issue is now solved in a support ticket you opened. It was caused by missing rows in the DATAMART_VERSION table, containing the versions. It can be fixed by adding the missing rows to the DATAMART_VERSION table manually with an SQL command.

Kind Regards,

(Jayant Singh) #7

Thanks for checking in. I got it to work now. I will close the ticket also.