Significance of url "rdmapptech"

Hi Team,

In our Dev set up I couldn’t find the url xml element for “rdmapptech” in the “example.runtimeConfig” file but the same xml element is present in the “rdm.runtimeConfig” file of higher environments (SIT, UAT, Prod).

Both rdm and rdmapptech urls are pointing to the same rdm link.

Could you please clarify below:

  1. What is the significance of url “rdmapptech”?
  2. Why is this missing in dev set up but available in the higher environments set up?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Kranthi,

The RDM server resources in your .runtimeConfig can have any name you chose, could be rdmapp, rdmapptech, etc. What is more important is what URL it points to. I have not seen your .runtimeConfig file, but I presume both URLs point to the RDM web application.

  1. You can read more about what the RDM Server Resources does in our documentation, in the page called “Adding the RDM Server Resource”. In short, you need it for RDM synchronization and for running initial loads to load data in your RDM tables.
  2. Server resource like your rdmapptech are missing, because you have not defined them in Dev. This is part of the process of deploying your RDM project. You can read about it in the “RDM Tutorial” documentation page.