SendMail step - attachments and email body

Is there a way within the SendMail step to add data from previous steps into either the body of the email or as an attachment?

For example, would it be possible to first take in a data source, calculate the accuracy of it from pre-defined rules, then send the output of the assessment to a mail recipient?


Hello Nicholas,

There is a possibility to add an attachment in Send mail workflow task.
For instance, you can create such a workflow that will output its result in a file, that then will be attached to email.
Please, find a simplified example of the screenshot.

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Hi Victoria,

Thanks for the response, your screenshot looks like exactly what I am trying to achieve. However, the Sendmail step I am using within the plan file does not offer that option & neither does the steps in a workflow, I am using 10.4.0. Will I need to update my software or is it still achievable at the current version?




I think Victoria is mentioning a Workflow and not a plan. I don’t think plans support an email with an attachment step. Victoria please correct me if I’m wrong.

However, we have a similar issue where we’re trying to send a different file to a different person whenever a plan is run (it generates three different files, one for each person). The files will be the output of a plan. Is there a way to pass a variable from a plan to a workflow?

Hi Ramzi, Nicholas,

Yes, Sendmail step in plan do not support attachments. And unfortunately, Send Mail workflow task is not a part of version 10. Hence, Nicholas, I would suggest an upgrade to version 11 at least.

Ramzi, please, review the documentation sent in the support ticket.

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Thank you for your advice Victoria