Schedule a plan in the IDE

Hello friends,
As per the documentation while using scheduler we need to define them in the serverconfig files, so that we can see them on the admin center and execute them.
Is it possible to schedule a plan which can be executed in the IDE without running the Ataccama server?

Kindly let me know.

Dear Jayant,

The Scheduler is an online service component, which means that it requires the Ataccama server to be running in order to startup scheduled jobs.

However, you could use DQC batch mode to run one-time operations like plans without the need to start the IDE or use the Ataccama server. Depending on the complexity of the plan you intend to run this may not be a suitable option for you.

The script for running DQC in batch mode is called runcif.bat (for MS Windows) or (for Unix/Linux) and is located in <DQC_HOME>/bin. The runcif script takes one file argument – the .plan or .comp file to be executed. The behavior of DQC can be further configured by specifying one or more optional parameters.

Depending on your Operating system you could create a scheduler to run the runcif script using Cron Job for Linux or Task Scheduler for Windows.

Example for Windows – As you can see below I have created a Task Scheduler. It runs a plan every 10 minutes of every day executing runcif.bat with optional parameters: -runtimeConfig name.runtimeConfig name_of_plan. The task runs the plan without starting the IDE or using the Ataccama server.

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Thanks for your prompt response, Maksim. I did create the task as advised. Please find the screenshot attached.
The task was scheduled to run at 12:45 p.m on April 16, but it never ran. Here are the configuration details;
C:\Ataccama11.4\\runtime\bin\runcif.bat -runtimeConfig C:\Ataccama11.4\\workspace\14ALLP_Mar25_2019\Files\etc\dqd.runtimeConfig C:\Ataccama11.4\\workspace\14ALLP_Mar25_2019\Files\data\rule_test.plan

As seen, we plan to run the plan rule_test.plan using the dqd.runtimeconfig file. Can you kindly advise what might be going wrong that is preventing the plan from running.? The run result 0x13 is not so easy to comprehend.

It is kind of urgent requirement. Therefore, your feedback or any sort of help is appreciated.

Hello Jayant,

It is difficult to say what the issue is by looking at the error and without knowledge of your plan, it could require an additional optional parameter like a server connection port.
What I could advice you is to first run your runcif script command in the Windows command prompt. If the there is an issue the error there will be much clearer. Only if you are able to run the plan in the command prompt should you try scheduling a task. Any error after that will be due to the schedule configuration as you would know the runcif command is already working.

Let me know if you need any more help.

Kind Regards,

Good afternoon,
Thanks for your prompt help. As advised, I tried to execute the runcif.bat file in the command prompt . Here is the command entered:

C:\installationfolder\runtime\bin> runcif.bat

The output obtained is given in the attached screenshot. It seems there is some sort of license issue.


I would like to add that the license file is located at the default location; C:\Ataccama11.4\\runtime\license_keys.

Can I get some help on how to debug this issue? Whenever we use the Ataccama IDE, we never got this issue.

Help/advice is appreciated.

Dear Jayant,

Allow me to clarify the cause of the issue. The answer Maksim provided above is technically correct, however our licensing policy implies that execution of standalone server tasks, such as running plans/workflows from command line, or starting the Ataccama Server as a standalone process (not from IDE) is only possible using server license.

It seems to me from the error logs that you are trying to do it on your local developer’s laptop. In one of the environments that your organization purchased licenses for, you can schedule workflow/plan execution both ways: from Ataccama Server and on OS level using a script and any third-party scheduler. IDE, however, exists for developing purposes and not for scheduled execution.

Also, I noticed that this issue is urgent for you. Please note that the most efficient and fast channel of communication is our Help Center where you can create a support ticket. We always do our best to answer as soon as possible.

In Ataccama, we aim for this Community to be a place to exchange ideas, opinions and best practices related to our products. We encourage our customers to communicate with each other and the answers provided here are not always from Ataccama staff. Therefore, please note that there are no SLA’s applied to questions raised on the Community.

Wirh best regards,

Artem Setkin
Head of Support

Thanks for the detailed explanation. If I understand correctly, task scheduling as a standalone operation is not available with license on my local developer laptops.
My next step will be to contact our IT team, and check whether the scheduling can be done on server.

In addition, I will make sure to communicate through help ticket in future for issues that require urgent attention.

Once again thanks for your help.

Thanks for the explanation. I did try the similar idea of running runcif.bat on the server in the command line and it worked fine. Thanks for the idea.

Next I tried to use task scheduler to run a workflow without using the Ataccama IDE. To this end, I used the same format as I did for running plan;

D:\Ataccama\AtaccamaInstall\\runtime\bin\runcif.bat -runtimeConfig D:\Ataccama\AtaccamaInstall\\workspace\CARDISSUE\Files\etc\dqd.runtimeConfig D:\Ataccama\AtaccamaInstall\\workspace\CARDISSUE\Files\data\issue.ewf

But unlike the case of plan, here we are getting error. So is it not advised to schedule a workflow, or do we need to do additional configuration in the .config files for schedule a workflow? Can I kindly get some help?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Jayant,
The DQC command line (batch) mode is suitable only for running one time operations of plans and components.
For workflows you have to use the Ataccama Server through the IDE.
Thus, you will not be able to run a workflow via the runcif.bat.