"Runtime is invalid" exception while getting license manager on Windows Server 2019

Hi, guys,

I’m trying to set up dqa 11.1.1 environment on Windows Server 2019.
The installation completed successfully.
But when I opened the DQ Analyer 11 workspace, it showed an error “Failed to create the part’s controls” on the welcome page.
The details said “java.lang.illegalArgumentException: Runtime is invalid!
at com.ataccama.dqc.gui.internal.runtimes.InvalidRuntime.getLicenseManager(y:2965)
at com.ataccama.dqc.gui.internal.runtimes.ContextHoldingPurityRuntime.getLicenseManager(y:2953)
at com.ataccama.dpc.gui.intro.comp.LicensePanel.(y:3101)

Can someone help?

Attached the screenshot below. FYI.


Could you please provide us further details? What steps you have perform during the installation? Are you experiencing this issue only with the welcome screen?

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Here are my installation details.

  1. Double click “dqanalyzer-11.1.1-setup-x86_64.exe”
  2. Accept the agreement and use all default configurations.
  3. Click “Install” to install the software.
  4. Choose “Do not install or configure a database” on the pop up “Database Connection Configuration”, and then click “Finish”.
  5. On the last “Completing the DQ Analyzer Setup Wizard” page, click “Finish” to complete the installation and launch dq analyzer.

I saw this issue on several places shown as below.

  1. The welcome tab.
    Prompt “runtime is invalid”

  2. Window -> Ataccama DQ Analyzer -> Licenses
    Prompt “runtime is invalid”

  3. Right click a text file -> New -> Plan
    Prompt “runtime is invalid”

  4. Right click a text file -> New -> Profile
    The “New Profile” configuration dialog box didn’t pop up.

I have tested it on my side and the only way that I was able to reproduce the issue was when there is some inconsistency with jar files. The issue could be caused due to several reasons:

  1. The path to the build is too long or there are some special characters in the path.
  2. The jar files were deleted manually or are not accessible due to security reasons (missing permissions).
  3. The runtime is using older jar files, that might have been left there from the older DQA build.
  4. The build is not installed on the supported operating system. Here you can find additional information about the supported systems.

In addition, if the mentioned above doesn’t help you please provide me additional information about the content of your lib folder and information about the operating system. The lib folder should be in [Path to build]/runtime/lib.

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Thanks for your information.

1&2. I used the default installation path: “C:\Ataccama DQ Analyzer 11”. I believe there wouldn’t be any security reasons .
3. My windows environment was clean. I haven’t installed older DQA build before.
4. My operating system is “Windows Server 2019”. It’s not in the list that you provided.
5. All jar files were modifed on 2017/6/14 11:24

It looks that the root reason is the operating system version.
Is there some workaround to make dqa work on “Windows Server 2019”?

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Hello Zhen,

Since Windows Server 2019 is not in the list of supported systems, DQA is currently not being tested on it. However, my guess is that the issue you have is due to corruption in the installation of DQA or due to missing permissions to some of the key folders. I would suggest downloading and reinstalling the build again and checking your permissions.
Alternatively, you can use our free Ataccama One Profiler for testing purposes, available at https://one.ataccama.com/.


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