Run plan with .bat and .sh on Windows and Linux

(roi booo) #1


I actually try to run some xxxx.plan on Windows thanks to one .bat
My .plan is correct, I test it before and it works well when I run it when i’m on Ataccama.

But now i want to create a .bat for launch that/these plan.
I try do the same with a and run my plan on linux but i fail…

Even with the help on documentation (linux and windows), i dont get it how to make just a simple .bat or .sh for run my plan…, someone could help me ?

In my .bat on Windows, I write :

start “” “C:\XXXXX\ATACAMA\Ataccama\workspace\NAME_Worspace\bin\ZZZ.plan” %3

but it didnt work …

In advance, thanks for your help.

(Marin Georgiev) #2

Hi @roi.booo,

I am not sure which docs you’ve read, but try this link:


Running a plan without opening Atacama
(roi booo) #3

Hi @marin.georgiev ,

Thanks for your help , it works fine.

Have a good day ,