Regression model + Classifier - to segment product reference data

Hi Everyone,good morning.

Had a thought this morning and wanted to put it down in writing and also to ask the community if they have done anything similar?

We have a lot of products, our reference data consists of around 150,000 different products and services that are offered to our customers.

We have a challenge, in that the segmentation or grouping of these product/services currently requires a data owner to own business rules. Unfortunately these rules become stale quite quickly if the Data Owner doesn’t have the time to review/update the business rules.

I am wondering if this is a suitable use case for Machine Learning, using Ataccama?
We are currently on MDC+RDM v10.5.0.With plans to upgrade to latest v12.4.0 hopefully before the end of the summer.

My knowledge on Machine Learning is close to zero (so possibly a development area for me in the future :wink:). I understand i’ll need to first train a model before applying the classifier?

Does anyone have any experience with such use case / where you able to do so with MDC v10 - v12, and would you be willing to share your experiences.

Many thanks in advance

Hello Danny,
This is an interesting topic. Approach (supervised / unsupervised) and modeling would depend on the specifics of the use case. Would you be wiling to have a call with someone from our AI team to discuss the details and possibilities?
If you are interested in such a call I will contact you via email, so that we can arrange it.

Kind Regards,

Hi Maksim,
Yes interested in having a call to discuss further.
Many thanks

I sent you an email with the available time slots next week for a call. Please, review them and let me know which one is suitable for you by responding to the email.