Regex passed but result is null

Dear colleagues,

I have encountered one strange problem.
I wrote the following regex (in my case it is for streets using Regex Matching):
In Ataccama Regex Matching-Regular Expressions - Debug all passed perfect and matched well, but in table no any records for some streets. I copied them and test in Debug - passed.
Can some of you to explain why was happen this.

Hi Vladimir,

I noticed that you have two errors in the regex that you have sent:
You have two instances of …[А-Я/.]…;

The /. is a syntax error. If you would like to include “.”, you need to escape it with a backslash like “.”, and if you wanted to include slash, you have to also escape the character with a backslash like this “/”, so the regex that you have sent could not work, it contains errors.

The final expression (if you wanted to include periods) would be:
And in case with slashes, respectively:

Also, could you please share with me your sample input data?

Kind regards,

Hi Gadeliia,

Thanks for your email. Yes you are right, but I corrected it already.
Already is working well now.

Best Regards