RDM Welcome Screen

Is it possible to control what is shown in RDM’s Welcome Screen? I know the header and footer text and format can be altered using the “.metadata\xslt\welcome_xml.xsl” file but how do you control the contents of the displayed table?

In our current configuration the table contains a list of the RDM datasets that have been created. Would it be possible to show a list of tables?

Also RDM is restricting the list of shown datasets to people who have access to them. Can this be overridden so that the entire list is presented to everyone regardless of permissions?

Currently, we can only change the content of the header and footer on the welcome screen. If you want to disable the welcome screen content, you can go to the APP variable and uncheck Enable welcome screen. After you save the changes, save RDM project, reload meta-data and generate the configuration. You can then upload the latest configuration without the Welcome screen.