RDM Rows Filters

(Ra Li) #1

Trying to filter the rows, based on the query in the picture below. I would like to only view rows with “validation” (field) value of NULL. Is there anything missing from this?

(Katrin Popova) #2

Hello Ramzi,

In row filters you can use database column names. As explained in this manual. In addition you can refer to this documentation to see the syntax that could be used.

Let me know if the provided information is sufficient and do not hesitate to ask if you have further questions.


(Ra Li) #3

Hi Katrin- I’m performing the same filter as described in the manual, however, I’m still seeing data for that user where “validation” is not null. If I add the criteria for all (View, Edit and Publish) then I won’t be able to see it. Is that by design where all three should match criteria?

(Katrin Popova) #4

Hello Ramzi,

What is the content of the validation column? Did you put the filter for edit mode? Are the records assigned to a specific user? What kind of rights you have specified for the given role that the user is in? If possible, please provide me screenshots.

Thank you,