RDM Reader or extended reader

(Ra Li) #1

Hi, is there a way to read RDM tables with Edit data as well as published?


(Katrin Popova) #2

Hello Ramzi,

For this purpose you could use RDM Extended Reader. More information about the step you can find by double-clicking the step and in the left corner there is a question mark that will access the documentation for this step.

In addition, I could propose also another solution. In the web application of RDM there is a possibility to Bulk export information from different states. If you find it more easier, for example you could Bulk export for Edit state for given table and then in a plan use Text File Reader to read the exported information.

Best regards,
Katrin Popova

(Venkat Jonnalagadda) #3

Hi Katrin,

The RDM Extended Reader is reading only the published historical values. As part of our reverse synchronization process, we needed to read the records that haven’t been published yet but are in edit mode (in the middle of the workflow). This allows us to avoid reinserting these records back into RDM again in the system input plan. Is there any way to read the records in Edit mode without having to manually bulk export from web application?

Venkat Jonnalagadda

(Katrin Popova) #4

Hello Venkat,

Yes, you are correct, RDM Extended Reader does not support the functionality to export edited records. For example if we consider the following: The records which are still in edit state, could be in state Invalid, and are waiting for data stewards input. If you export the edited records, you cannot guarantee that the information that you are exporting is valid. This is the reason why the edited records should not be ‘distributed’ to various synchronized systems.

The solution is either to publish the records first or to Bulk export them from the web application.



(Venkat Jonnalagadda) #5

OK Thanks. In case it helps others, I was able to avoid reinserting records back into RDM in system_input_plan by setting the Allowed Edited States in RDM Importer step to just New. Thanks.