Questions on Ataccama Workflow and Scheduler 11.1.0 Developer Guide

(Kishor Baindoor) #1

I went through Ataccama Workflow and Scheduler 11.1.0 Developer Guide document and I have below questions? Please answer my below questions or direct me to some document if details are already present.

As per document :Launching on the Server: In order to execute workflows in the server context, add the Workflow Server Component to Server Configuration and configure it.

  1. What is Workflow Server Component? How to add workflow to Workflow Server Component and how to configure it?
  2. What is the difference between running workflow on server and outside server? When each one should be used?
  3. Which script should be used for running workflow and in which cases? runbde, runewf or onlinectl?

As per document : OnlineCtl is a command line tool for performing Ataccama Server-related tasks.

  1. Can we use script similar to OnlineCtl?
  2. Are there any other features present in OnlineCtl which are not present in
  3. There is waitForWorkflowCompletion argument to monitor Ataccama plan execution. Is there such feature present for If not, how workflow can be monitored remotely ran by

As per document :Tasks that require a running server cannot be run either from IDE or by runewf script.

  1. What are the tasks which run only on server?
  2. Can these be run from using –ewf argument?