Publish RDM Hierarchy as online webservice

(Prithwish Kundu) #1

We intend to publish different hierarchies in RDM as webservices with selection options in the request to choose from which level of hierarchy the data needs to be returned. The service should preferably be JSON over HTTP. SOAP 1.1/1.2 will also work as fallback in case JSON over HTTP is not feasible.
The output of the service should be a nested JSON or nested XML within SOAP wrapper preferably.

The hierarchies in RDM aren’t providing an option to publish as online service.

Could somebody please suggest options and design considerations to publish RDM hierarchies as online services?

(Maksim Zhelyazkov) #2

Hello Prithwish,

Online services are used to perform validation or enrichment of records in a table in the RDM web application. Thus, they are not designed for use with RDM hierarchies.

If you would like to export data from configured hierarchies, you can achieve that via the export plans you can create for each hierarchy:

Right click on a hierarchy -> Generate export plan…


Right click on a hierarchy -> Open export plan

An Hierarchy export plan is generated in files/plans/synchronization/hierarchies/ with a Complex XML Writer. You can use a JSON Writer step instead of Complex XML Writer, but you will have to configure manually the output structure you would like to receive. Additionally, you have to configure the RDM Extended Reader steps in the plan.

Let us know if this was what you needed advice about. If not, can you please explain in more detail what you want to achieve with hierarchies and we will do what we can to help you.

Kind Regards,

(Prithwish Kundu) #3

Hello Maksim,
Thanks for sharing insights.
I intend to export/publish an n-level hierarchy as JSON.
I could get the hierarchical Json output.

It would be very helpful if you could share design insights as to how to publish this JSON as a webservice from RDM.


(Maksim Zhelyazkov) #4

Hello Prithwish,

You can achieve what you are inquiring about via the method I explained in my initial reply. Please, check the image below for the steps you should follow:

  1. Generate a Hierarchy export plan, then navigate to the iles/plans/synchronization/hierarchies/ and open it;

  2. Replace the Complex Xml Writer step with a Json Writer Step;

  3. Name your output json file in the general tab;

  4. Configure the output structure of the resulting Json file;

If you need help with the creation of the JSON file structure, I am happy to offer you our professional services.

Kind Regards,


(Prithwish Kundu) #5

Hello Maksim,
Thanks for your detailed insights.
Yesterday, I could export hierarchical Json file by configuring a JsonWriter instead of ComplexXmlWriter step.

The requirement: Publish the hierarchy as a Json response to a online webservice call.

Issue: We haven’t been able to publish an online webservice yet which could output the hierarchy as Json response

It would be great if design insights could be shared around the solution approach to handle the requirement.


(Maksim Zhelyazkov) #6

Dear Prithwish,

This is a very specific request, we currently do not have an out of the box design solution I can suggest for you. We would be happy to invest resources into creating one for you as part of our professional services.

If you can make your own design approach and need help debugging errors in it, I would suggest you open a support ticket and we will look into your solution.

Kind Regards,