Profile in DQ Dashboard

(Amey Gupte) #1

Is there a way to display table profile (or a table profile saved as a plan file) on the DQ dashboard?

Thank you.

(Katrin Popova) #2

Hello Amey,

The information you have provided is not enough, could you please provide me more details on your use-case scenario?


(Amey Gupte) #3

Sure Katrin. If I connect to a data source and navigate to a table within Ataccama IDE, I can right click on any table and select option to ‘Create Profile’. This gives me an option to save the output either as a profile file or a plan file. I am able to view this output in Ataccama IDE. I was wondering if there is a way to display the ‘.profile’ output on the browser withing DQ Dashboard.

(Danny Ryan) #4

Hi. If you refresh the folder and double click on the filename.profile file whilst in the Ataccama IDE it will open as a seperate tab within the IDE.
I am not aware that the profile results can be viewed in a web broswer as part of a DQD deployment.
You may also be interested in the DQI component which can be useful to create DQ Reports. Showing each rule configured and volume (total, true and false). True meaning rule was met.
All the best.