Percentage domain

(Maksim Kim) #1

Is there a way to create percentage domain such as Excel has:

  1. You enter data as 30 and it is saved as 0.3
  2. RDM application shows 30% in a table

At the moment if you try to create domain with #,####% it will require to enter % sign and multiply the value by 100.

Imagine you enter 30% and upon save it becomes 3000%…

(Artem Setkin) #2

Unfortunately it is not possible to create such domain in RDM.

The only way to achieve such result is by using workaround which will require to use additional trigger function or logical step before inserting data into the table, but this will be too complicated and dirty, therefore not recommended.

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(Maksim Kim) #3

That is really unfortunate to find out.

So there is no way to have convenient risk-based dictionaries with a lot of rates (transfer rates).

Anyway, thanks for clarification.