Passing Parameters across Workflows

(Vishal Anand) #1

I am using workflows and in the first workflow component I am calling a plan having “DQ Quality Indicator” STEP, which is producing output columns as

  1. no. of total records
  2. no. of records failed the DQ rule(specified in the “DQ Quality Indicator” STEP)

Is there a way to pass these values to the plan in next workflow?

(Sabika Rizvi) #2

Hi Vishal,
I suggest reading to first check if you understand, and are configuring the variable and parameter settings correctly in the ‘Configuration’ Tab.

Hope this helps.

(Vishal Anand) #3

Hi Sabika,

While populating expression in Global Parameter of workflow , I could not use output file’s columns of plans used inside Tasks.

Could you please direct me to a specific solution if available?


Hi Vishal,

As I understand you write these data into some text file or a DB, is there a reason why you do not want to read this file/db table with the results in another plan directly?



The components are supposed to be independent of each other and are not supposed to send the parameters to other components directly (if they are not a part of one plan/component).
This communication should be done whether directly via write/read options in the components itself, or there is also a possibility to write your result into DB and then read the result in WF via “Read SQL Result” WF task. In this case, the result can be populated as a real parameter and can be used anywhere in a workflow.