Pass parameter value from Iterator step to Run DQC step

(ananda krishna) #1

I have 2 questions

  1. I would like pass item value from Iterator step to Run DQC,

  2. Can look for any file rather hard coded file name in step Wait For File and can I pass the new file name to next Step in workflow?

(ananda krishna) #3

Thanks for respnse, I tried , it didn’t worked.
May be I am missing some settings.

Please check attached DQC and suggest (1.8 KB)

(Mackenzie Nichols) #4

It may be because you haven’t mapped any variables as parameters in the .comp being called in the Run DQC task.

Have you tried that? I believe there is information on that here:

(ananda krishna) #5

I have Mapped variable in the component,


Hi Ananda,

You’ll need to move “Run DQC” step into separate workflow and call that workflow in the Iterate step.
What Iterator does is it calls workflow specified in “Workflow Id” property for every found item.

(ananda krishna) #7

Thank you lexander.kislyakov,

It worked in Server, does it works in Ataccama IDE? .
In IDE Iterator task fails with error.
Error : com.ataccama.adt.internal.core.runtime.EwfConfigException: Confiuration contains errors, exiting


No, not until version 11.
If workflow step has yellow box in it’s upper left corner it means that it requires server.

(ananda krishna) #9

Thanks for this tip, this helps :slight_smile: