Parse JSON the input column text value

(ananda krishna) #1

i am facing difficulty in parsing the JSON data.
I receive JSON as simple text, column value.
and I need to parse the JSON and store it in database table.

For Example, input Message column has this value,
{ “Name”: “product”, “Source”: “Online”, “Type”: “product” }

I would like to get it in table format.

I tried to step Json Parser , but no success, not sure this step serves my purpose,

Please guide me on this…


Hi Ananda,

I think the JSON parser is just the step you need I just tried to use it on the example you provided and I did not have problem parsing the values. See the example (1.5 KB) I created.


(ananda krishna) #3

I really appreciate you for answering me with example, I will try and let you know.