Not able to add Oracle 12c database Connection

(Ajeesh Matthew) #1

Hello Support Team,
We have purchased Ataccama One product for our Profiling , Quality Assessment task. Even though we are able connect postgress DB , but not able to connect Oracle 12c database.

Please note that we are able to connec those Oracle DB instrance through other tools, but not ataccama.
Our Purchased software came with Ojdbc5(ojdbc5-, but i tried with ojdbc6 and ojdbc7.jar for 12c . Please see the attached Error.

Here is the Oracle DB version.
Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

Please advise at the earliest.

Thank you

(Danny Ryan) #2

Hi. I used to be 2nd line support for oracle databases a few years back.
The error message you have received could indicator that the service name (SID) is incorrect.
It might be worth verifying the SID with another tool like Oracles’ SQL Developer or Toad SQL assistance.
Hope you get it fixed.